Mudgee, Bathurst and Orange wedding entertainment has a new face!

Posted on 31 July 2019 by Gary Johns

So Gary Johns has moved to the Farm!  Well sort of…

I have been performing with a live band and as a solo and duo at weddings and many other gigs all over the country for many years now.  Most of our work has generally been in Sydney, but we have always loved travelling to other parts of the state and further afield. It generally costs a bit of a premium to have slick city musicians travel hours to do out of town events. For this reason we have tried not to charge too much travel $ so we can still do lots of out of town weddings and functions, but  previously there has still been some extra cost to the client.

As of last week though that has all changed. My wife and I have bought a hobby farm in Sofala, just over 30mins from Mudgee and Bathurst and not too far from Orange. This is good news for everyone as previously we have had to get accommodation for rural weddings at the bride and grooms expense as well as charging a travel fee. Now it will mean I don’t have to charge a premium for gigs in the Central West region. I can do some work on the tractor in the morning and then warm up my vocals in the shower ready for an afternoon wedding ceremony, canapes (“what do I want a can of peas for”- famous Godfather quote) and a roaring reception.

So if you are looking for a singer guitarist or pianist  who can do it all from Buble to Bruno Mars and everything in between look no further. No need to be worried that a live band or DJ will cost to much for your wedding because of the extra travel or accommodation just drop me a line and I’ll look after you and save you some money.

It’s not often you get one of the best guys in town out of town for a song!

Note I will still be doing the bulk of my gigs in Sydney, this is just a hobby farm for smiles!