Gary Johns Rebranded

Posted on 8 April 2017 by Gary Johns

Huge news we have just updated the Gary Johns website and you’re looking at it now! We have lots of fresh videos of us live doing everything from easy listening music like ‘Let’s Stay Together’, a great Al Green classic, through to ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ by the Gunners! We have also started doing some live video testimonials of brides and grooms talking about what it’s like having us as their live band and you get a real fresh 1st hand account on the night of how we get the party started!

We also shot some new pics for this new website, here’s  a few examples below, was pretty fun. It was a very quick and short shoot after a business lunch at the Arthouse Hotel in Sydney, thanks for letting us use your space guys! We also have some great live footage of the band performing live at the Arthouse that we will be uploading soon hopefully. Stay tuned for more updates over the next few weeks, for now Gaz is taking a break for a few weeks from the weddings and parties to go on holidays, yay! Blog #1 done!!!